Let's answer some questions

Learn more about Monroe Concrete’s ready-mix concrete services, along with the answers to some market-specific questions that customers often have when looking for a ready-mix concrete provider in the Florida Keys.

  • How much concrete do I need for my commercial or residential building project?

    Every job is different. That’s why our concrete calculator makes it easy to get a good idea of how much concrete ready-mix or building material (like sand, pool grout, fill, aggregate, or topsoil) you’ll need to get the job done right.

  • How much do your concrete mixes and building materials cost?

    We make job-specific custom mixes for FDOT and we offer 3-6,000 PSI rock, blended, pump, and grout mixes. We also offer shotcrete, trap mix, flowable fill, and additives. For the latest pricing, contact us online. Or, to speak to a team member at our Rockland plant, call 305-296-9934. To contact our Marathon plant, call 305-743-5800.

  • How can I get a quote for my residential project?

    For a quote on residential concrete projects, sand, fill, or rock, you can request a quote online. Or, if you’re in Key West, you can call 305-296-9934. If you’re in Marathon, call 305-743-5800.

  • How can I get a quote for my commercial or industrial project?

    For a quote on large-scale commercial or industrial projects, call our Rockland office (305-296-9934) or Marathon office (305-743-5800) and ask to speak with one of our estimators.

  • What’s your turnaround and delivery time?

    Typically, you can expect delivery within approximately one week, depending on demand. Call our Rockland office (305-296-9934) or Marathon office (305-743-5800) to arrange delivery.

  • What’s the difference between ready-mix and site-mixed concrete?

    Site-mixed concrete is prepared at the job site, while ready-mix concrete is processed at our Rockland or Monroe plants and is transported to the job site by concrete mixing trucks with rear-mounted agitators.

  • What are some of the benefits of ready-mix concrete?

    There are significant advantages to ready-mix concrete over site-mixed concrete. It saves time on the job, it minimizes the amount of equipment and materials you’ll need to keep on-site, it’s more consistent (Monroe ready-mix is made at our local facility with rigid quality controls), it saves on labor costs, and minimizes on-site waste.

  • What areas do you serve?

    We serve all of Monroe County, which includes the islands of the Florida Keys and the Key West Micropolitan Statistical Area. We started producing ready-mix concrete in 1947. Visit our About Us page to learn more about who we are, our history, and our values.

  • What concrete mix products do you supply?

    We carry 3-6,000 PSI #57 regular mix, blended mix, #89 rock pump mix, and grout mix. We also carry shotcrete/gunite mix, flowable fill, trap mix, and additives like fiber mesh, rust inhibitor, silica fume, high range water reducer, and XYPEX.

  • What kind of quality tests do you run on your mixes?

    All testing — such as slump testing and break testing — is done by a third party lab to ensure the highest levels of quality.

  • What kind of residential projects use Monroe concrete and building supplies?

    Our concrete mixes and building supplies are used to lay foundations for new construction, pools, patios, driveways, and more. Our sands and soils are used as a base for laying sod and creating stunning landscapes. They’re even used to fill your kid’s sandbox!

  • Can you give me some examples of commercial and industrial uses for Monroe Concrete products?

    As the only ready-mix concrete company in Monroe county, our products are just about everywhere you look. From bridges to sidewalks and pools to biking paths, Monroe lays the foundation of our community. We recently delivered our products to a 280-unit affordable housing complex in the Lower Keys and we’ve supplied materials to the Naval Air Station Key West for a $90 million hangar and a $60 million hotel on base.

  • What’s the significance of FDOT-certified ready-mix plants in the Florida Keys?

    Monroe Concrete is the only ready-mix concrete company in Monroe County. All of our custom concrete mixes are approved by FDOT prior to use.

  • Why is purchasing concrete mixed locally in the Florida Keys so important?

    Our ready-mix blends are carefully tested and developed to help ensure the best performance possible. Because we have plants in Rockland and Marathon, we’re able to ensure on-time delivery and maximum workability.

  • How does weather play a role in the pouring of concrete?

    Weather can have a dramatic impact on pouring concrete. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry too much about freezing temperatures or frozen ground here in the Florida Keys! We do, however, have to take heat into consideration. Hot weather increases evaporation and decreases setting time. Additives can help ensure minimal cracking and maximum strength, even during hot pours.

  • How long does it take for concrete to cure?

    There are a number of different factors to consider, including the size of the pour and the ambient weather and temperature. Generally speaking, concrete can withstand foot traffic after 24–48 hours. Allow a full week for partially cured concrete; at this point you can drive, park and/or use heavy vehicles on it. Allow up to four weeks for your concrete to fully cure.

  • What causes concrete to crack? (And how do you prevent concrete from cracking?)

    Concrete’s tough and durable and perfect for construction. Still, cracks happen. Shrinkage, expansion, heaving, settling, and excessive load are all common cracking causes. Proper ground preparation, such as using a moisture barrier between the ground and concrete placement,, as well as keeping the concrete damp to mitigate evaporation, is key.

    The mix you choose, adding expansion joints, and mix additives can help prevent or minimize cracking. Oh, and never exceed concrete load limits!

  • Why is ready-mix concrete preferred over volumetric concrete?

    On-site mixed concrete is not recognized by the Florida Department of Transportation as being suitable for structural construction.

  • What is the significance of being an FDOT-Certified Plant

    Quarterly testing and monitoring by the Florida Department of Transportation is done to ensure top quality and accuracy within less than 1%.

    Batching is done by trained and certified personnel to ensure the designs are batched with the proper specifications