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Whether you’re building a large commercial building, FDOT bridge, or a custom-designed home, we have concrete mix designs for every project. Thanks to decades of experience, our team can create custom mixes with high-quality additives for specific project needs. We offer the largest variety of materials and operate the only FDOT-certified ready-mix plants in the Florida Keys.

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Types of Ready-Mix

  • Residential Mixes

    We provide high-performing, beautiful concrete that is easy to use so homeowners and contractors can place and finish on their own. From driveways to patios, we’ve got the right mix for you.

  • Commercial Mixes

    We offer performance-enhanced mixtures that meet commercial specifications and retain their user-friendly workability so that they can be placed and finished efficiently.

  • FDOT Mixes

    We have a long history of supplying concrete for Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) projects. As the only FDOT-certified ready-mix plants in The Florida Keys, we can provide mixes that meet the state’s strict requirements.


Performance-Enhancing Additives

  • Fiber

    Using fiber in combination with the right concrete mix can improve your material’s level of strength and durability. We offer a variety of micro and macro fibers, depending on the needs of your application.

  • Water Reducers

    Water-reducing admixtures help increase the strength of concrete while also allowing it to achieve a higher slump. Water reducers are also a sustainable choice. They use less cement concrete which results in lower CO2 emissions and energy usage per cubic yard.

  • Shrinkage Reducers

    Admixtures designed for reducing shrinkage can help minimize shrinkage cracking and increase the durability of the final product. This is helpful for applications where shrinkage joints are undesirable or not possible.

  • Plasticizers

    The use of plasticizers can help increase the strength of your end product and reduce permeability. Often, plasticizers also allow you to achieve higher slumps and improve the workability of the concrete.

  • Retarder

    Retarder admixtures delay the concrete setting process. These admixtures are particularly helpful in high-temperature and paving applications.

  • Corrosion Inhibitor

    Corrosion inhibitors can be used to slow corrosion in steel-reinforced applications. This is especially important in the harsh saltwater environment of The Florida Keys.

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